Johanna-Maria FritzThe Most Powerful Witch of Europe

Johanna-Maria Fritz

The Most Powerful Witch of Europe

2018 – 2020

Johanna-Maria Fritz accompanies Mihaela Minca, the most powerful witch in Romania. This is a traditional profession in Mihaela’s family: both her mother and her grandmother were witches. She, her daughters and her daughter-in-law now run a flourishing business. From love spells to enchantments, the witches offer a vast array of services, and they receive inquiries from all over the world via the internet. The skill of a witch is also an expression of female strength in an everyday culture dominated by men.

Johanna-Maria Fritz

Born in Baden-Baden, Germany, in 1994.
2012–16: Assistant to Daniel Josefsohn.
2013–15: Studied photography at the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie, Berlin.
2014–19: Like a Bird, project about the circus in Islamic-influenced countries.
2017: Inge Morath Award.
2018: Lotto Brandenburg Kunstpreis Fotografie (award); VG Bild-Kunst-Stipendium (grant).
2018: Like a Bird (solo show), Anne Clergue Galerie, Arles, France.
2019: German Peace Prize for Photography.
2019: Joined OSTKREUZ; Commendation, Otto Steinert Prize, German Photographic Association
2020: Publication Daughters of Magic, Hartmann Books, Stuttgart.
Johanna-Maria Fritz lives in Berlin.