Heinrich HoltgreveFor Unto Every One That Hath Shall Be Given

Heinrich Holtgreve

For Unto Every One That Hath Shall Be Given

2016 – 2020

Spain and Great Britain are nearly a thousand kilometers apart, and since Brexit they are no longer linked to each other through the EU. Nonetheless, they share a common border. In the extreme southwest of Europe, the continent’s challenges crystallize on the cliffs that jut up out of the ocean.

Gibraltar is a place of narrow streets that offers little room for people but many virtual spaces for business. Visitors must first cross La Línea de la Concepción, a kind of Spanish barbican for the British enclave. While Gibraltar is a booming magnet for tourism and tax evaders, a third of the people in La Línea are unemployed. While the profits of online casinos flow to Gibraltar, drugsmuggling ships land in the hinterlands of La Línea.

It is rare that the inequality of late European capitalism—which usually only takes the form of numbers and statistics, sociology books and political speeches—appears as obviously as
it does here on the heels of Europe.

It is here that Heinrich Holtgreve has taken photographs that are sometimes romantic, sometimes sobering, and every now and then ironic.

Heinrich Holtgreve

Born in Bochum, Germany, in 1987.
2006–13: Studied at the Fachhochschule Bielefeld, department of photography, under Axel Grünewald and Roman Bezjak.
2011: Semester abroad in Seoul, South Korea, DAAD grant.
2013: OWL3 — Nutzflächen (group show), MARTa Herford.
2013–14: My Secret Life (group show), C/O Berlin.
2015: Participated in Noorderlicht International Photofestival, Groningen, VisualLeader 2015 (group show), Haus der Photographie, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg.
2016: Joined OSTKREUZ.
2017: Das Internet als Ort (solo show), Deutsches Technikmuseum, Berlin.
2021: Participated in PHOTO 2021, Melbourne, Australia and Fotofestival Nürnberg.
Heinrich Holtgreve lives in Hamburg and Berlin.